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Interventional Pulmonology


With recent advances in interventional pulmonology, there are numerous treatments now available that have significantly changed the game in treating some of the most common chronic lung conditions. There are now treatments available for uncontrolled Asthma and severe emphysema that have proven to be effective and safe.


Dr Saghaie has experience and experties in these novel procedures. He has travelled interstate and overseas to leading centres of excellence to master these techniques. He is also previlledged to be a memeber of the only interventional pulmonology group in New South Wales; Sydney Interventional Pulmonolgy.

Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (ELVR)

ELVR is a novel and effective form of treatment for severe emphysema. This is a form of non-surgical lung volume reduction in emphysema. Endobronchial one-way valves are inserted into the lungs to deflate the regions most affected by emphysema. This allows healthier regions of lung to re-inflate and function more effectively.


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Dilatation/Stenting of airways

Airways can be abnormally narrowed for a number of reasons including lung cancer, tuberculosis or previous trauma. This is a procedure performed through a bronchoscope to enlarge and stent open strictures in airways.


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Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

This is a method where masses in the chest can be sampled without the need for invasive surgery. EBUS is usually performed to diagnose or stage a lung cancer; however, this procedure may also be indicated for a variety of other reasons.



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Bronchial Thermoplasty

This is a novel treatment for severe, persistent asthma. It involves day procedures over three days where thermal energy is delivered to the airways to reduce excessive smooth muscle. The reduction in smooth muscle can significantly improve the symptoms of people with asthma.


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